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Starting in the mid-1990s GROUP T forged its first contacts with China. Based on the growing belief that the world’s future lies in Asia, and particularly in the hands of the young generation of people growing up in China, GROUP T embarked on its first mission to China in 1994. At the Wuhan Radio Industry College in Hubei Province, China, a Telecommunication program was initiated to which GROUP T assisted in the curriculum development.

From this point onwards, several academic collaborations were established as joint (dual- degree) and exchange programmes, between GROUP T and a large number of Chinese universities such as Chongqing University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiatong University, Tianjin University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Volvo China Framework (North East Petroleum University), ...

Many collaborative ties were strengthened after 2002, when Prof. De Graeve, President and Chief Executive of GROUP T obtained his doctoral thesis at Beijing Normal University. Yearly missions by staff members of GROUP T, now KU Leuven – Campus Group T, to these partner universities enabled to strengthen the ties and gave profound experience in scouting and student recruitment. A similar approach is envisaged in the short and long run in further development of our partnerships in Ethiopia.

A joint initiative of Campus Group T and Beijing Jiaotong University allowed Chinese engineering students to come to Leuven after one year of study at their home university to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering technology. The program content of the first year in 38 ITT for Recruitment for International University Partnership for the Establishment of Postgraduate Programmes in Ethiopia, 22 June 2015 Beijing was fully geared towards the first bachelor curriculum at Campus Group T, not only as regards content but also in terms of didactic materials, education forms, and evaluation. The program was taught entirely in English including block teaching by staff members from Campus Group T. Curriculum design and block teaching are a crucial part of the present application.

In addition, as of 2004, the “Hong Zhi” scholarship program together with the Education Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to Belgium was initiated. This program enables gifted students from rural areas in China to get a scholarship to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at GROUP T. The approach shows many similarities with the cooperation model worked out in this application and with the scholarship programs for staff capacity building that were developed several years later in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia.


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